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Hello! I´m Leire the owner of the shop, I´m here to help you. Any doubt with the sizes? Do you need more pics or details of a product?

You want a change or prefer i look somethig special and unique to you. Tell me.

Customer support

Any question?

How to buy our products?

You can make your purchases on this website, browse the categories, enter the product you like and click add to cart.

How long does it take to get my purchases?

As soon as we receive the purchase notice, we start preparing the shipment for transportation. Our shipments usually take 48-72 hours. In some occasions the transport arrives at 5-6 days depending on the destination.

Is it safe to pay in the shop?

Of course it’s safe! All our website is protected by an SSL security certificate that prevents fraud. When you make the payment with a debit or credit card, the payment is made in the bank’s POS system and they are responsible for security.

And if I regret my purchase, can I return it?

Yes, of course we accept returns. You must enter your customer panel and request a refund. When we have the products and we verify that everything is correct, we will refund your money in the same way you have paid.

About Indie Maison

Who is Leire?

I am the owner of Indie Maison. I have dedicated my whole life to design clothes for other brands but for five years I felt the need to create my own clothes and accessories. I also look for small artisans in Spain, France and Italy who make special pieces.

Why is there so little stock?

I have always dreamed of a unique and unrepeatable woman and to fulfill this dream we made short collections. We want that when carrying an Indie Maison product you feel the security that you are unique and special.

Can i talk to you?

Of course, call me 656734976. If you prefer Whatsapp throughout the web you will see a button that will open a live chat with me.