¿What are coverboots?

They are accessories for footwear made with carefully selected ethnic materials in a completely handmade process and with a clear objective, to achieve a bohemian-chic style that we love.

With them you will get those boots that you take everywhere, that you love and have super comfortable have a different air when you want and so you can enhance your style and most importantly your personality.

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Get a Boho Chic Style in few seconds

Before Indie Maison

The boots are the perfect footwear

for a modern style with an indie touch

but over time you can get tired of them.

After Indie Maison

With our coverboots you can give a new look

to your favorite footwear

but even more since you can customize

them and be part of your look.

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Personalized attention is part of the essence of Indie Madison.

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