Delivery area

The PRODUCTS can be sent to Spain, Europe and Rest of the world.

The PRODUCTS will be sent to the delivery address (es) that the CLIENT will indicate in the ordering procedure.

Delivery time

The delivery period is made up of the sum of the preparation period which is 24/48 hours and the delivery or transit time which is 24/48 hours, depending on the selected delivery method. The deadline for preparing an order and establishing the invoice, before sending the PRODUCTS in stock is mentioned on the WEBSITE. These terms will be understood without counting weekends and holidays.

The term of delivery or transit is the time that elapses since the order leaves the premises of the SELLER or the supplier, as the case may be, and the delivery to the customer or the first notice made by the transport agency.

An email will be automatically sent to the CLIENT at the time of sending the PRODUCTS, provided that the email address given at the time of sending the form is correct.

Term and delivery costs

During the purchase process, the SELLER will indicate to the CUSTOMER the possible delivery terms and formulas for the purchased PRODUCTS.

The shipping costs will be calculated according to the delivery method, weight and dimension of the products.

The amount of these costs will be due to the CUSTOMER in payment different from the purchased PRODUCTS. The details of the deadlines and delivery costs will be detailed on the WEBSITE during the purchase process.

Shipping price

The modality of collection in hand in store will not have shipping costs.

The modality by means of transport agency will have a cost in charge of the CLIENT. The price is calculated based on the following factors:

– Shipping place

– Weight of all products

– Dimensions of the largest product

– Shipping mode or agency selected by the CLIENT during the purchase process.

DELIVERY modalities

The package will be delivered to the CLIENT after his signature and presentation of his identity document.

In case of absence, notice will be given to the CUSTOMER, so that this way he can pick up the PRODUCT at the office of the agency that is closest to his delivery address or failing where the place designated by the agency.

The CLIENT is the one who determines the delivery method during the purchase process.

DELIVERY problems

The CLIENT will be informed of the delivery date set at the time of the carrier’s choice, at the end of the online ordering procedure, before confirming the order.

It is specified that deliveries will be made no later than thirty (30) days. In the absence of delivery, the CUSTOMER must require the SELLER to deliver it within a reasonable time and if he can not rescind the contract.

The SELLER will reimburse, without undue delay, from the date of receipt of the rescission letter, the CLIENT the total amount paid for the PRODUCTS, taxes and delivery costs inclusive, by the same means of payment used by the CLIENT for the purchase of the PRODUCTS.

The SELLER will be responsible for the delivery of the PRODUCT to the CLIENT. It is important to remember that the CUSTOMER has a period of three (3) days to notify the carrier of the breakdowns or partial losses verified by the delivery.